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The Owl and Bear Podcast: February 2016

PJ Harvey
PJ Harvey

Valentine’s Day is upon us, citizens. Couples across the nation perform the kabuki theater of obligatory romantic gestures, and non-couples will hunch over their OkCupid profiles in despair. But you? You will transcend. You will survive. You have the Owl and Bear podcast. Continue reading…

Video: Nas Talks “Illmatic”

Not much needs to be said about Nas’ 1994 debut, except that it’s one of the greatest hip hop records ever made. Illmatic is so good, in fact, that even the Queens wordsmith himself has struggled to replicate its sublimity.

That’s why it’s welcome news that Nas — along with AZ, Pete Rock, and Illmatic collaborator DJ Premier — will perform the album in its entirety at this weekend’s Rock the Bells Festival kickoff in Los Angeles. In the above video, Nasty Nas takes a moment to talk about the album and, in general, life in Queens.

In addition to Nas, The Rock The Bells Festival Series will feature up-and-coming hip hop artists as well as other seminal artists performing their classic albums, including Ms. Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, and Common. Dates are below…