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Video: Father John Misty – “Funtimes in Babylon”

Father John Misty just released a video for “Funtimes in Babylon,” the opening track from his most excellent debut album, Fear Fun:

FJM leader Josh Tillman, who co-directed “the clip” with Grant James (“This Is Sally Hatchet”), had this to say: “Music videos don’t need blurbs. It’s like putting a brief summary before a Garfield comic strip. Also when did everyone start calling them “clips”? A “clip” is an excerpt of a whole, I thought. Whoever post’s (sic) this, don’t spoil the ending in your blurb, which will probably read like this: “Seattle based folk beardo Father John Murphy mopes around a deserted, apocalyptic landscape (and shows off some of those infamous dance moves) in this Josh Tillman directed clip for “Funtimes In Babylon.” (SubPop)