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Poetic Memory: Abe Vigoda (List)

MP3: Abe Vigoda – “Throwing Shade”
MP3: Abe Vigoda – “Crush”
MP3: Wild Nothing – “Golden Haze”
MP3: Wild Nothing – “Summer Holiday”

Abe Vigoda are a band of self-described rock-and-roll fuckups from Chino, CA, but it’s the good kind of dysfunction, they assure you — and they open for Wild Nothing at the Casbah tomorrow. Continue reading…

A Girls Tale


San Francisco’s Girls craft lo-fi, hazy pop songs that get in your head and leave you with a euphoric Oxycontin buzz. Singer/songwriter Christopher Owens’ life has been a picaresque tale of sex, drugs, and the saving graces of rock and roll. He was born into the Children of God, a cult founded in California in 1968. As a child, he was forced to endure a barrage of psychologically damaging events, such as traveling through Japan with his mother, an unwilling prostitute forced to raise money for the cult.

Despite his troubled upbringing, Owens was able to find solace in music, and began playing guitar at a young age. Interestingly enough, his first guitar was given to him by Fleetwood Mac’s Jeremy Spencer, also a member of the Children of God cult. To this day, Owens still records with the guitar.

At the age of sixteen, Owens escaped the cult and moved to Amarillo, Texas, where he fell in love with its burgeoning punk scene. Unfortunately, he also fell in love with the town’s drug scene, launching into a downward spiral that would nearly kill him. Continue reading