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Maren Parusel: Summer 2011 Tour Diary

Pulled over

After a decidedly eventful U.S. tour that included a van breakdown, a robbery, a police stop, and many colorful characters, Maren Parusel and her band will finally return to the West Coast tonight at the Casbah. According to Mario, the band’s manager,

30 shows in 35 days, a Vitamin Water commercial with Foster The People, a van breakdown in Texas, 100 degrees on the East Coast, stolen guitars and gear in NYC, a live performance on Sirius Radio with legendary rock critic Dave Marsh, a bar fight in D.C. It’s been one hell of a five weeks, and not your average tour for an indie pop band, but these four have survived, thrived, and won over audiences around the country.

Please welcome Maren, Eric, Kyle, and Ariel back from tour with a return show at The Casbah.

The set starts at 9pm; the band’s tour diary is below. Continue reading…

Album Review: Little Hurricane – “Homewrecker”

Little Hurricane blew in and out of San Diego like the force of nature they’re named after. Over the coarse of a single year, the two-piece burst onto the scene, quickly became one of the city’s most promising acts, won Best New Artist at the San Diego Music Awards, then moved away to roam the country like nomads.

That whirlwind romance has made Little Hurricane feel like the band that got away, but now the just-released Homewrecker has arrived like a love letter out of the blue. The ominous “Trouble Ahead” kicks off the album with a Kim Thayil-inspired riff chugging beneath Anthony Catalano’s seething vocals, but it isn’t long before the Soundgarden influence defers to a more prominent muse.

The similarities between Little Hurricane and The White Stripes are easy to spot and hard to ignore. Both are male/female blues-rock duos, and Catalano’s voice has that same choked power that gives Jack White’s delivery its visceral heft. But throughout Homewrecker, yet another point of comparison becomes apparent in Celeste Spina’s backups, which are sung with a ghostly airiness — first on the call and response of “Crocodile Tears” and then on the slow-burning “Shortbread” — that bears a striking resemblance to Meg White. In Little Hurricane’s live sets, Spina’s voice is barely audible above the crack of her drums, but on record the Meg-iness is unmistakeable. Continue reading…

Poetic Memory: Rumspringa (List)

MP3: Rumspringa – “Criminal Love”

L.A.’s Rumspringa just released Sway, their debut full-length. Produced by Mannie Nieto (The Breeders, Los Lobos), the album works well to showcase the band’s brand of psychedelic-surf-garage-punk. And though Sway is reminiscent of David Bowie, T-Rex, and the Stones — with a little bit of The White Stripes thrown in for good measure — Rumspringa’s sound is wholly their own. With an abundance of original melodies, great lyrics, and solid musicianship, they are clearly going places.

MTV News has called Rumspringa “One of the best LA bands […] in a really long time,” and RCRD LBL has commended them for “running feverish, fast-paced rock-n-roll trails in our head.” We saw them at The Rumble back in August and had a hell of a good time.

Rumspringa will play the Soda Bar on 11/15, and Bar Pink on 12/4. In anticipation of the shows, lead singer Joey Stevens sent us a list of influences. Check it out below.

Live Review and Photos: Fitz and the Tantrums with Little Hurricane at Rocktoberfest, October 23, 2010

On Saturday, a parking lot at 29th and University in North Park provided the setting for the first annual Rocktoberfest, an all-day festival that brought 8 bands together on 2 stages. Continue reading…

Poetic Memory: Old Tiger (List)

San Diego’s Old Tiger will play the Tin Can Alehouse this Saturday, October 2. In anticipation of their show, they sent us a list of 10 YouTube videos. This is a Poetic Memory first — and an excellent idea — and I’m a bit surprised that nobody has done it before.

For Old Tiger’s list, the self-described “visual learners” did something that they’d normally do anyway: “we sit around one of our places with a laptop, bringing up random videos to show each other that inspire us musically (or are just something fun or so old we’ve never seen it before).”

The first five items in the list were chosen by guitarist/vocalist Dustin Lothspeich; the second five were selected by Old Tiger drummer Eric Boone. The band also has an EP available for free download, which I highly recommend that you check out. Old Tiger’s Poetic Memory is below.