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Maren Parusel: Summer 2011 Tour Diary

Pulled over

After a decidedly eventful U.S. tour that included a van breakdown, a robbery, a police stop, and many colorful characters, Maren Parusel and her band will finally return to the West Coast tonight at the Casbah. According to Mario, the band’s manager,

30 shows in 35 days, a Vitamin Water commercial with Foster The People, a van breakdown in Texas, 100 degrees on the East Coast, stolen guitars and gear in NYC, a live performance on Sirius Radio with legendary rock critic Dave Marsh, a bar fight in D.C. It’s been one hell of a five weeks, and not your average tour for an indie pop band, but these four have survived, thrived, and won over audiences around the country.

Please welcome Maren, Eric, Kyle, and Ariel back from tour with a return show at The Casbah.

The set starts at 9pm; the band’s tour diary is below. Continue reading…

Poetic Memory: Balmorhea (List)

Back in January, we described the sound of Balmorhea (pronounced Bal-mor-ay) as “patient and sprawling, meditative and mysterious…it speaks to the world we live in (and beyond).”

Since then, we’ve heard their entire critically acclaimed new album, Constellations, so we’re extra pleased to announce that they’ll be stopping in San Diego on May 6.

And we’re extra extra pleased to have received a list of Balmorhea’s Top 5 Country/Western Records. I’d like to personally congratulate them for putting Townes Van Zandt in the number 1 spot. Balmorhea’s Poetic Memory is below.