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Poetic Memory: Fruit Bats (List)

Eric D. Johnson’s most influential 1990s records

Jim O’Rourke to Release ‘The Visitor’ Sept. 9 (Stream)

Jim O

As a producer, Jim O’Rourke is responsible for fundamentally re-shaping Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (and the band itself); as a composer, his songs could accompany both sweet dreams and nightmares; as a lyricist, his turns of phrase are pretty much enviable. Yet perhaps because of his boundary-testing nature, the Chicago experimentalist doesn’t like to outstay […]

Poetic Memory: The Rest (List)

The Rest

The last time Ontario, Canada’s The Rest played at the Casbah, we missed it. But we won’t make that mistake again. After all, according to their MySpace page, The Rest like all the things that we like: doing push-ups, shooting each other with water guns, howling at the moon, and delicious Thai food. (More details […]