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Poetic Memory: Nena Anderson (List)

Here at Owl and Bear, we’ve posted a few dozen times about Erika Davies (give or take a couple dozen), citing her raw emotion and incredible voice. That’s why it seems altogether unfair that we’ve only in passing ever mentioned Nena Anderson. Continue reading…

The Smart Brothers Give Us Their ‘Best’

The Smart Brothers

Anyone who has seen The Smart Brothers live knows that the duo put on an incredibly entertaining and theatrical show. The San Diego duo work the crowd like Vaudevillian performers, tossing instruments back and forth, winking at the audience, and hearkening back to a bygone era in a way that belies their youthful appearance. The band’s limitless energy and charisma can make it easy to forget that the soggy-bottomed boys also excel at tender ballads.

Just as the solemn “Heaven’s Gate” and “Lullaby” were highlights of their impressive self-titled debut, the new video for “The Best I Ever Had”—the first single from their upcoming sophomore album—proves that The Smart Brothers are at their most affecting when they downshift into more somber territory. With its Morricone-esque lead riff and sepia hues, the video is a nice display of the Brothers’ introspective side. Or, at least as introspective as one can be while wearing a fake mustache.

The endlessly nomadic troubadours can currently be found playing a plethora of dates across the country, including a CD release show at Lestat’s Coffee House in June. Do the smart thing and go catch them live.

Video and tour dates after the jump. Continue reading