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Old Tiger Release Live Album, Plan 1/29 Show at Eleven

Photo credit: Michael Klayman

San Diego soul revivalists and YouTube aficionados Old Tiger may be best known for their song “Free” — which features the lyric, “If you want to be free, baby that’s alright” — but sweet assurances aren’t the only thing they’re giving away.

The trio — comprised of vocalist Dustin Longstreth, bassist Matt Philips, and drummer Eric Boone — also have no qualms about sharing their music with you. Just recently, they recorded a live album — mysteriously titled Live — which you can get gratis at their BandCamp page. Last year, the band also gave away their EP, the 3-song Definitive Collection (it’s now available for a mere $3 at the same location). Basically, between the soulful sounds and fan-friendly philosophy, Old Tiger are the band that keeps on giving.

In addition to Live, the Motown/Stax-inspired band is gearing up for another successful year, which they’ll officially kick off January 29 at the curiously named and numbered bar Eleven. If that, combined with the free live album, doesn’t inspire you to get your dancin’ shoes on, Styletones lead singer Stevie Harris, his band the Hi Stax, and Black Hondo will be there too. Though, if you do decide to put on your dancin’ shoes, make sure you tie the laces — we worry about you.

Can You Say Styletones?


Late on Monday nights a few years back, I would always get an increasingly agitated series of texts from a friend:

you coming to tower?

you said you would come this time

if you don’t come to tower one of these times I will pluck out your eyeballs with a toothpick and garnish my martini with them

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