Comic-Con 2012 Photo Round-Up: The Floor

Well, another Comic-Con has come and gone. As it does every year, Comic-Con turned San Diego into a five-day-long pop-culture party for casual and die-hard geeks alike. And, as it is every year, it was all kind of a clusterfuck, with tens of thousands of people milling about the convention floor in search of bargains, giveaways, and those Firefly replica knit caps with the dangly things on the sides.

In the coming days we’ll have pictures of various star-studded panels, but first, here’s a look at what really makes Comic-Con great: the floor. We’ve got pics of crowds, artwork, Hollywood promotions, and yes, some scantily clad cosplayers, all for your viewing pleasure below.

Comic-Con 2012 Photo Round-Up: The Floor

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  1. Nice photos! I went on Sunday and it was simply too packed for me to really enjoy it. I think I’ll enjoy it via Youtube and your blog next year. “Been there, done that” applies for sure.

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