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Dustin Lothspeich is a musical chameleon.

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Known for his membership in the alt-country-infused Old Tiger, the hard rocking Boy King, and as one half of the electric blues duo Chess Wars, Lothspeich has made a name for himself as a guy who can do just about anything.

So naturally, we were intrigued when Lothspeich approached us about curating a Guestcast for Diamond Lakes, his latest project.

Diamond Lakes is yet another stylistic surprise from Lothspeich, this time drawing on ’90s rock’s glory days. With sounds reminiscent of Afghan Whigs’ masterpiece Black Love, the band’s new EP Modern Horrors is unlike anything you’ve listened to (in a while, anyway).

But unlike Old Tiger, Boy King, and Chess Wars, Lothspeich joined Diamond Lakes after the band’s formation. According to Lothspeich, “Matt Bradley and David MacAdam started [Diamond Lakes] a couple years back.”

During a Diamond Lakes set about a year ago, Lothspeich and Boy King drummer Adam Eidson heard Bradley announce that the band’s bassist and drummer were both leaving. “[We] looked at each other, like ‘Whoa. That sucks!’ We had always really liked their music and after their set, we were standing around outside and I said, ‘You know, we could totally play those tunes. You wanna help ’em out?'”

When Bradley came out of the bar to load out, Lothspeich and Eidson approached him and said, “We’re your new rhythm section…He initially thought we were joking [but] we started practicing together a week later, played our first show with them a month later, and have been at it ever since.”

Diamond Lakes will release Modern Horrors, this Saturday at the Tin Can Ale House. While you wait for this momentous occasion, check out our Guestcast — curated by the whole band — below.

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Borrowed Bones – Diamond Lakes
Where You’ve Been – Hideout
Crops – Big Bad Buffalo
Nirvana – Juliana Hatfield
Sloop Jay D – Twin Peaks
Youngblood – Russian Circles
Wide at Midnight – The Wytches
March – Brothers Weiss
Hazel – Weekend
Hang You from the Heavens – The Dead Weather
Start Choppin’ – Dinosaur Jr.
Insane – Buddy Banter
Shine A Light – Constantines
Sun, Where’s The Fire – What Moon Things
Different Days – The Men
Earth Energy – Soft Lions

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