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O&B Guestcast vol. 6 – Diamond Lakes

San Diego’s Diamond Lakes will celebrate the release of its inaugural EP this Saturday

The Owl and Bear Podcast vol. 182

What’s the point of even sleeping?

O&B Guestcast vol. 5 – Boy King

Owl and Bear Guestcast Boy King

Who’s in the clouds tonight?

The Kills Knock ‘Em Dead

The sex-rocking duo returns to San Diego.

Review: The Dead Weather; July 19, 2010; House of Blues, San Diego

Jack White’s side band played a tempestuous show at House of Blues on Monday.

The Dead Weather – “Die by the Drop” (Video)

Oh. Good. The Dead Weather are back.

Review: Screaming Females; December 7th, 2009; Mr. Smalls Theater, Pittsburgh

Screaming Females show some teenage Arctic Monkeys fans how it’s done.

The Dead Weather – “I Cut Like A Buffalo” (Video)

Jack White has taken the negative Dead Weather reviews to heart for the “I Cut Like A Buffalo” video and asked the rest of the band to stay home.

The Dead Weather – Treat Me Like Your Mother (Video)

The Dead Weather – Treat Me Like Your Mother Following its premiere on Cinemax this weekend, The Dead Weather have made their new short film/music video, the Jonathan Glazer-directed Treat Me Like Your Mother, available for us internet folk. Watch Jack White and Alison Mosshart go at it like a pair of jilted Terminators, then […]

The Dead Weather Get It On with Your Mother on Cinemax

Treat Me Like Your Mother

That’s right: The Dead Weather are set to get it on with your mother on everybody’s favorite childhood soft-focus porn channel. But before you pour lye in your eyes, let me clarify: the band will be debuting their new short film Treat Me Like Your Mother on Cinemax on July 11th. Wordplay! Directed by Jonathan […]

Dead Weather Predicted for July 14

The Dead Weather

Your friendly neighborhood weathermen at Owl&Bear are predicting some strangeness in the air this summer. According to our satellites and advanced meteorological technology, July 14th will be partly cloudy with a slight chance of rain and a very high chance of deadness. The cause of the humidity and morbidity appears to be the impending release […]

How to Hug Your Independent Record Store

Record Store

“Indie record stores,” says Chrys Hansen of Modern Music, the Caribbean’s most visited record store, “are where you go when you first realize there’s a whole new world of music for you to explore.” The Internet notwithstanding as perhaps one’s first stop when searching out what the world has to offer musically, Hansen’s words ring […]