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UCSD Soaks Up the Sun God

Photo credit: Erik Jepsen

It’s safe to say that the summer festival has gone mainstream. With the Coachellas, Bonnaroos, and Sasquatches of the world selling out in record time, tickets to these highly anticipated festivals are becoming increasingly hard to come by. (Whether scalping has something to do with it is another subject entirely.)

And that’s why UCSD’s Sun God festival — taking place this Friday on the university’s campus — is such a welcome alternative: the day of music and festivities is only open to students and their invited friends. That means no scalping, boho-clad celebrities, or lingering $300 charges that take months to pay off. Continue reading…

Poetic Memory: Owl Eyes (List)

Photo credit: Marco Covarrubias

Given that our website is called Owl and Bear, we’re generally partial to any band whose name contains the word “Owl” (also “Bear,” and, to a lesser extent, “and”). So naturally our eyes perked up when we first came across Owl Eyes. But once we started listening to the San Diego band’s exotic mix of garage, indie, and folk, it was our ears that were doing the perking.

The four tracks of Owl Eyes’ 2010 EP, O RLY?, clock in at a breezy 10 minutes, but thanks to the band’s catchy hooks and assured execution, the small songs make a big impression. You can get a live dose of all the sonic goodness this Friday, December 10th, when the trio plays the Ruby Room. In anticipation of the show, Owl Eyes let us peek into their Poetic Memory. You can check out their influences below. Continue reading…

Lanterns Light the Way

San Diego’s Lanterns might have a luminescent name, but they have yet to enjoy the spotlight.

Despite high-profile gigs with bands like Matt and Kim, …And You Will Knows By the Trail of Dead, and These Arms Are Snakes, the four-piece has operated mostly under the local radar. But, thanks to a critically-acclaimed EP and two crucial shows on the horizon, all of that is set to change for the band. Continue reading