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Live Review: White Rabbits at the Casbah, March 29, 2012

The Brooklyn band took a Casbah crowd down the rabbit hole

Poetic Memory: A Scribe Amidst the Lions (List)

The San Diego band has an EP-release show coming up

Poetic Memory: Brent Green (List)

The Sundance-honored multimedia artist will bring his new film and a live band to MoPA this Sunday.

Live Review: Cap’n Jazz at the Starlight Ballroom, July 24, 2010

Fifteen years after the band’s disbandment, Cap’n Jazz is back together.

Vic Chesnutt Talks Life, Death, and ‘At The Cut’ on NPR (MP3)

Vic Chesnutt - At the Cut

At age eighteen, Vic Chesnutt went from a reckless young man to a wheelchair-bound quadriplegic. All of his close family died off by the time he hit 25. He’s struggled with substance abuse. He owes $50,000 in medical bills. And yesterday, the 45-year old songwriter confessed to NPR’s Terry Gross (stream) that he’s tried—unsuccessfully—to kill himself at least four times.

Poetic Memory: Cougar (List)


Cougar, Madison Wisconsin’s all-foxy-grandma-instrumental-post-rock band, just released their sophomore effort, Patriot. Along with it came two starkly different—yet excellent—singles,”Stay Famous” (MP3) and “Foil Épée Sabre” (MP3, EP only). “Stay Famous” plays with old-school indie dynamics, while “Sabre”, a meandering folky piece, may or may not have something to do with fencing. You can check out […]