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Live Photos: John Meeks at the La Jolla Athenaeum, March 3, 2011

Photos by Chris Maroulakos

La Jolla’s Athenaeum held its The A List: Alphabet Soup event last Thursday to spotlight Mexican poet Alberto Blanco. Affable singer/guitarist John Meeks and his band brought their country stylings to the proceedings. With its emphasis on art and music, the Athenaeum proved an apt setting for Meeks, who played to a rapt audience seated on couches and cross-legged on the floor. And, in a surprise appearance, local singer Joanie Mendenhall joined Meeks for a duet. Check out our photos of the show.

The Smart Brothers Plan Musical “Jubilee”

MP3: The Smart Brothers – “Make it Last”

In a show modeled after Martin Scorsese’s epic 1978 concert film The Last Waltz, The Smart Brothers and a cast of local all-stars will give 2010 a big sendoff at the Casbah on December 28.

The acclaimed San Diego trio — you may remember them from their charming, Owl and Bear-programmed SoundDiego LIVE performance back in October — has invited Gregory Page, Erika Davies, John Meeks and Sara Petite, among others, to perform with them. Continue reading…