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Interview: The Midnight Pine

Photo by Amber Martin

Al Howard likes to keep busy. The songwriter behind The Heavy Guilt and The Black Sands could easily fill his time with those two groups (not to mention writing for Owl and Bear), but he’s just added a third project to the mix. Continue reading…

Review: Soulsavers feat. Mark Lanegan, with Jonneine Zapata and Redghost; September 12, 2009; Casbah, San Diego

Mark Lanegan - September 12, 2009View more photos on our Facebook page.

The prospect of moody singer-songwriter Jonneine Zapata opening up for Mark Lanegan and Soulsavers seemed like a winner.

As it turned out, Redghost, the first act, was probably the highlight of the night. And that should say something, since her solo set consisted of smokey vocals over guitar loops, delivered to an audience that eventually resigned to chatter. She did, however, inspire me to coin a rule—let’s call it Harry’s Law—in which an audience will be politely receptive to solo artists, but if attention isn’t kept rapt, the audience will grow chatty in proportion to the setlist’s length. By song five of Redghost’s set, at least half of the show’s attendees were talking amongst themselves.

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