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Review: Cymbals Eat Guitars, Bear In Heaven, and Freelance Whales; March 23, 2010; Casbah

Photo credit: MySpace

Three hot bands, two large mammals, and one cannibalistic instrument converged at the Casbah last Tuesday night, when Freelance Whales, Bear in Heaven, and Cymbals Eat Guitars swung through to represent New York City. Continue reading…

Review: Appleseed Cast with Dreamend; March 3, 2010; Casbah, San Diego

When you watch Appleseed Cast‘s trippy post-rock, time slows down, twists apart, and becomes nonlinear. The long, vocally sparse shoegaze jams force periods of intense introspection and send your brain floating on a sea of disjointed, personal thoughts. They make you forget you’re still around other human beings, that you’re not sitting, stoned, on a beanbag in a blacklit velvet room, wearing thick over-ear headphones. To say that this is not a good first-date show would be a monumental understatement. Continue reading.

Review: Tegan and Sara; March 3, 2010 at Copley Symphony Hall; San Diego

Photo credit: Jeff Gentner

When musicians play San Diego’s distinguished Copley Symphony Hall, they usually don’t get bras thrown at them. It’s hard to imagine, say, Yo-Yo Ma getting pelted with ladies’ foundation garments during a set. But that’s exactly what happened when Canadian super twins Tegan and Sara played Copley on Wednesday night. Continue reading

Poetic Memory: Olivia Broadfield (List)

Olivia Broadfield

Given the slightest provocation, most people can’t wait to tell you about their favorite bands, albums, or influences. But when we asked Leicestershire, England’s Olivia Broadfield to compile this list, she demurred. “I don’t really have a very cool taste in music, but then neither is my music very cool, so I guess it makes sense. I managed to refrain from writing down Britney but only just.”

If you listen to her music (MP3: “Dont Cry“), you can tell that the modesty is unwarranted. Her style is a cross between (good) Regina Spektor and Feist, with a dash of electro-pop. A pianist since age six, and a self-taught guitarist since age 13, she also prides herself on her strong DIY ethic, which is impressive considering the richness of her sound. Olivia Broadfield’s debut album Eyes Wide Open is out today on Vagrant.

Poetic Memory is a regular Owl and Bear feature in which musicians disclose their influences—whether it’s albums, songs, artists, or something random. If you’re interested in being featured here, send us an email. Continue reading