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Poetic Memory: Oh Mercy (List)

Is Australia the new Canada? When its comes to up-and-coming young indie bands who pride themselves on intelligent lyrics and a multi-layered sound, it sure seems that way. First, I was stopped in my tracks by The Middle East, and now the next Aussie wave is Melbourne’s Oh Mercy.

They’ve gained a lot of attention lately with their album, Privileged Woes. It’s a quirky pop album with expressive vocals that draws inspiration from bands like The Velvet Underground and Dionne Warwick. That’s a large spectrum to cover, but singer Alex Gow explains it all below. Oh Mercy’s Poetic Memory is below. Continue reading…

Shane MacGowan Gets a Set of New Teeth (Links)

article-1183171-0018151800000258-606_468x5131Shane MacGowan Gets a Set of New Teeth The Pogues singer had recently talked about getting his teeth fixed to prevent his face from ‘falling apart’.  Tone Language Is Key To Perfect Pitch “Perfect” or “absolute” pitch is rare in the U.S. and Europe, but musicians who speak an East Asian tone language fluently are much more likely to have the ability. You’ve Read the Book, Now Take a Look! Literary tourism and the quest for authenticity. The New Nuke Porn From Critical Mass to The Road: a new wave of graphic nuke porn. Pop TV Shows Inaccurately Portray Violent Crime Researchers compared two popular television shows, CSI and CSI: Miami, to actual US homicide data, and discovered clear differences between media portrayals of violent deaths versus actual murders.