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Live Review & Photos: Pearl Jam at Viejas Arena, November 14, 2013

Pearl Jam played a three-hour show at Viejas Arena last week

Poetic Memory: Julia Massey (List)

The Seattle songwriter plays Brick By Brick tonight

Poetic Memory: White Denim (List)

Lead singer James Petralli lists his influences

Video: Eddie Vedder – “Longing to Belong”

The Pearl Jam singer has a new solo album

Poetic Memory: Sparrow and the Workshop (List)

It’s Jim Jarmusch versus Winnie Cooper in our newest installment of Poetic Memory.

Poetic Memory: Oh Mercy (List)

Is Australia the new Canada?

Poetic Memory: Anna Ternheim (List)

Anna Ternheim

Swedish-born singer/songwriter Anna Ternheim sat down with us to talk Poetic Memory.