Weekend Concert Lineup: August 22 – 24, 2008

^^ Broken Social Scene ^^


Toronto rock throng Broken Social Scene will be bringing their amiable brand of baroque pop to the House of Blues this Friday. Those following the antics of the prolific Canucks over the past year know that there have been two “Broken Social Scene Presents” solo albums so far, Kevin Drew’s Spirit If… and Brendan Canning’s Something For All Of Us.

While those albums may not reach the great heights of You Forgot It In People, very few albums do, so don’t hold it against them. The band will most likely be performing a mix of material from their proper albums and the solo records. Unfortunately, rumor has it that Stars’ Amy Millan and Metric’s Emily Haines will not be joining the supergroup on this tour. The band’s other slightly famous female Feist is reportedly busy as well.

If you’re not worked up into a lather by the notion of seeing Broken Social Scene play, you should also be advised that the opening act will be a little band called Menomena. And if you somehow haven’t yet heard last year’s amazing Friend And Foe, getting over to the House of Blues and letting the Portland trio rock your socks off would be a good way to start making it up to them.

People turned off by the notion of going all the way to the House Of Blues can shorten their trip by a good twenty feet or so by seeing Norwegian singer-songwriter Sondre Lerche play with Sylvie Lewis in the House Of Blues’ Delta Room instead. The Dan In Real Life soundtracker will be there to show you how people open the doors in Norway. Spoiler alert: they let love do it.

If Canadian Baroque or Norwegian psychedelic jazz pop isn’t your cup of tea, head on down to the Ken Club, where local favorites Wild Weekend will be playing along with Braaiins! and Deepsea Goes. We are still awaiting word on whether or not Braaiins! are actually a Zombies cover band.


Come get drunk in the warm glow of the downtown sun on Saturday for the Southern Comfort Music Experience. As we mentioned before, the event costs a mere five dollars and features eleven bands, including The Black Keys, Common, Grand Ole Party, The Silent Comedy, and Lady Dottie and the Diamonds. That’s less than fifty cents a band, for all you Poindexters doing the math at home. The festivities start at 3:15 so be sure to wake up early and shake off that hangover.

^^ Beachwood Sparks ^^

Those who haven’t gotten their fill of rock and roll come nighttime will have cause to rejoice, because Beachwood Sparks will be playing at the Casbah. The Sub Pop band had been laying low since 2002 but reunited last month for Sub Pop’s 20th anniversary festival. They’ve since decided to snowball that reunion into a small tour, and we San Diegans are lucky enough to be one of their stops. The Tyde and Writer are playing as well.


There may not be much in the way of concerts for Sunday, but those looking to give their funny bone a tickle would do well to go see comedian Bill Maher perform at Humphrey’s By The Bay. Maher has a documentary coming out in October, a darkly comic indictment of America’s non-secular obsession called Religulous, directed by Larry Charles of Borat and Curb Your Enthusiasm fame. And if Maher’s stand-up leaves you craving even more belly laughs, well, you can always go see Hootie and the Blowfish play at Humphrey’s on Monday.

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