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Review: Arcade Fire; May 19, 2007 at Chicago Theater

Arcade Fire - May 19, 2007
photo by littlepretty

As my two friends and I walked from Union Station to the Chicago Theater on Saturday, I observed to them that the diversity of people in Chicago had lessened to almost nothing as we got closer to the Arcade Fire show; the wide variety of the larger population had narrowed to only include the easily-excited “scene” kids gathered outside.

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Review: The Sea and Cake; June 8, 2007 at Theater of the Living Arts; Philadelphia

The Sea and Cake
photo by Jonathan Koshi

Prekop, Prewitt, and The Sea and Cake boys put on a great show Friday night in Philadelphia. The songs from Everybody, their 2007 Thrill Jockey release, translated well to a live setting, and their sped-up renditions did more justice to the songs than listeners might get from the compact disc. It’s one of those cases, I think, where the live show gives the record more vitality. A similar thing happened to me when I first saw Ted Leo on tour for Shake the Sheets. If this proves true (like with Ted Leo), Everybody could become one of my favorite albums.

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