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Live Review: Built to Spill at the Casbah, May 5, 2013

Built to Spill

The band played two sold out shows at the Casbah

The Owl and Bear Podcast vol. 176

This is the longest goodbye

Video: The Prids – “I’ll Wait”

The Portland pop punks release the fifth video from their latest album

Repeated Listens: Guster – “Easy Wonderful” (Review)

We take a look — well, actually five looks — at Guster’s new album.

Poetic Memory: The Henry Clay People (List)

The Henry Clay People list their Best Sounding Guitars.

Poetic Memory: Red Wire Black Wire (List)

Lead singer Doug Walters shares his influences.

Review: Dr. Dog – Shame, Shame

Dr. Dog sound exactly like somebody.

High Fiving Hipsters or: San Diego Loves the Avett Brothers

High Fiving Hipsters

The last time I was at the Belly Up I high fived a hipster. The results were fascinating and hilarious; I came out after the show to see my “victim” sitting on a ledge outside being consoled by his girlfriend. “It was a good show though, right baby?” she said with a hopeful and worried […]

Dead Heart Bloom – Fall In

Dead Heart Bloom - Fall In

One of the things one does not expect to hear when putting on a Dead Heart Bloom album is Built To Spill. Yet this is exactly what happens in the opening moments of Fall In, the new EP that finds the band throwing everything they can at the wall and seeing what sticks. This shotgun-approach […]

Review: Built To Spill; July 3, 2007 at The Chameleon Club; Lancaster, PA

Built To Spill

photo by Todd Indie rock legends Built To Spill played Lancaster’s Chameleon Club last night, and they proved their $20 worth to a big crowd of fans and curious yokels.