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UCSD Soaks Up the Sun God

Photo credit: Erik Jepsen

It’s safe to say that the summer festival has gone mainstream. With the Coachellas, Bonnaroos, and Sasquatches of the world selling out in record time, tickets to these highly anticipated festivals are becoming increasingly hard to come by. (Whether scalping has something to do with it is another subject entirely.)

And that’s why UCSD’s Sun God festival — taking place this Friday on the university’s campus — is such a welcome alternative: the day of music and festivities is only open to students and their invited friends. That means no scalping, boho-clad celebrities, or lingering $300 charges that take months to pay off. Continue reading…

Poetic Memory: Inspired and the Sleep (List)

MP3: Inspired and the Sleep – “Chops”

With bassist Max Greenhaulgh at the center of Inspired and the Sleep, rhythm and musicianship take first priority. The Carlsbad trio takes the indie aesthetic to an unexpected level by mixing dance elements with rock riffs and jazz-inspired twists and turns.

The band, originally Greenhaulgh’s project but now featuring Bryce Outcault on guitar and Hayden Stewart on drums, will celebrate the release of their debut EP, Kaleidoscope Years, at the Che Cafe on May 7.

In anticipation of the show, Greenhaulgh told us a little about his influences. Check out his Poetic Memory (below)…

Come on Pilgrim, Go See the Pixies

Photo credit: Friso Gentsch/dpa/Corbis

Setting down the path of indie rock fandom can be like deciding to learn about wine — every kernel of knowledge you acquire also reveals several things you don’t know, making every step toward enlightenment feel like two steps back. There’s a lot to wrap your ears around, and though the endless back roads and byways make every fan’s experience unique, they can also lead to a fragmented lack of community.

Nevertheless, there are certain bands that indie fans of all stripes will always have in common — ones that transcend the trends and are so undeniably great that just about everybody likes them. For an example of such a band, you need look no further than The Pixies. Continued reading…

Review: Love Is All; April 17, 2010; Casbah, San Diego

Photos by Eleanore Park

It was after 11 on a Saturday, but the Casbah was relatively empty. The only people in attendance at the usually crowded venue were those who had stayed in town instead of venturing out to Coachella, but weren’t too tuckered out from excessive Record Store Day vinyl consumption. Continue reading…