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Review: Girls with Dum Dum Girls; April 5, 2010; Mr. Smalls Theater, Pittsburgh, PA

Photo credit: J. Walkos

By now I’m sure you’ve heard the legendary back-story of Christopher Owens, the frontman for Girls. It’s full of cults and intrigue, heartbreak and redemption, and as soon as I heard it I had to hear the music it inspired. My first introduction to Girls was their video for the sprawling, nostalgic “Hellhole Ratrace.” The clip follows the band and their friends around San Francisco for a night of boozing that culminates in a picturesque sunrise over the bay. It’s one of those rare instances when the imagery and music match up perfectly, elevating the art to a whole new level. Continue reading

Grand Ole Party Tour with Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Grand Ole Party
Since taking the city by storm with their debut release, 2007’s Humanimals, San Diego dance-funk band Grand Ole Party has kept plenty busy. They’ve played back-to-back sold out shows at the Casbah, thrilling audiences with their syncopated sass. Lead singer Kristin Gundred started her own label, Zoo Music, and signed bands like Crocodiles and Dum Dum Girls. The band has also been hard at work in the studio, recording their eagerly awaited follow-up to Humanimals.

But since nothing is ever enough for you people, the band hasn’t stopped there. The trio has lined up a Midwest tour where they’ll be opening up for a little band called Yeah Yeah Yeahs. You may have heard of them. Continue reading

Zoo Music To Release Dum Dum Girls EP

As we mentioned last month, Grand Ole Party singer/drummer Kristen Gundred recently started a record label called Zoo Music. The first group she signed was San Diego’s Crocodiles, and Kristin urged other musicians to submit their music for consideration. Now Zoo Music has announced that LA’s melancholic pop band Dum Dum Girls have been selected, and will release a five-song EP through the label this winter.

Continue reading