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MP3: Tennis – “Is It True”

Listen: Tennis – “Is it True”

Acclaimed Colorado duo Tennis has released a new single, the Brenda Lee song “Is It True.” Alaina Moore explains why they chose the cover:

“Brenda Lee has been a great source of inspiration for me. We stumbled across the song “Is It True,” a less popular single she recorded later in her career and loved it not just for her more mature, crackly voice, but for the randomly awesome inclusion of a very young Jimmy Page on electric guitar. The song is such a jam, we really enjoyed the chance to record it ourselves. Despite the limitations of recording it on a 4-track cassette, and then having to mix it in a pinch on an 11 year old lap top, that crashed regularly, all the parts we love are there.”

You can stream the track by clicking on the link above, or download it in exchange for your email address. The band is currently on a European tour through July, but will return to the U.S. on August 5 for Lollapalooza.

Photos: Tennis at Tin Can Alehouse, February 5, 2011

Photos by Chris Maroulakos

Salty sweethearts Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley of Tennis aren’t just capable young sea navigators — they also put on a great, albeit short, live show. In person, Moore brings to mind a more innocent, bigger-haired Liz Phair, while Riley resembles an older Dennis the Menace. The two, along with touring drummer James Barone, rocked their new album, Cape Dory, to a sold-out audience of canned-beer drinkers at the Tin Can Alehouse on Saturday.

It was easy to discern the palpable romantic chemistry between the recently married Riley and Moore. But, in true relationship fashion, it was even easier to see that they succeed together because of their individual talents. With furrowed brow and frail fingers, Moore played her keyboard with nimble precision, singing each song in her whispery but strong voice. Riley, head down and dancing, strummed his guitar with the assurance of someone who clearly knows the difference between port and starboard.

As for drummer Barone, who applied the necessary percussive glue to the tracks — maybe he’ll meet a nice female bass player before Tennis record their sophomore album. Check out photos and video of the show below.

Owl and Bear’s Most Anticipated Albums of 2011

As a music fan, I’m waiting for the release that defines the new decade. You know what I’m talking about; every 10 years or so, a band comes out of nowhere with the perfect storm of style, lyrics, and — oh yeah — music.

The 80s had Guns ‘N Roses, the 90s Nirvana, and the 2000s gave us The Strokes. Granted, none of those bands dominated for a full 10 years, but they spawned countless imitators, some enjoyable and some terrible. That feeling of uncharted territory and danger rolled up into one is what I miss and am still waiting for. Remember when you first heard “Welcome to the Jungle,” “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” or “Last Night”? I’m guessing you were instantly on board, just like I was. Continue reading…