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Poetic Memory: Dinosaur Feathers (List)

Dinosaur Feathers have made a bit of a name for themselves back East. With a sound often compared to Animal Collective and the Beach Boys, these Brooklynites have received rave reviews from music fans everywhere, including Paste magazine:

When asked what…generated a bit of blog-buzz in recent months, Sullos demures: “The more you play, the more people talk about it.” True, but it likely has a bit more to do with the band’s melange of Latin and African-infused drum machine beats — plus the fact that these guys can really sing. Sullo and his bandmates use their voices like instruments, stacking and weaving them into a textured sonic tapestry that drips with 60s nostalgia.

We’re excited to see them at The Rumble this weekend, and you should be too. For a taste of their sound, check out “Fantasy Memorial” (MP3). Then, read their Poetic Memory (below).

Stop, Drop, and Rumble at Bar Pink – This Saturday

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To quote our friends at Future Sounds, “Whatever show plans you have for Saturday night, get rid of them.”

August 7 marks the next Rumble, the multi-band, multi-drink, multi-month music showcase at Bar Pink. Last month’s event featured indie up-and-comers Harlem, What Laura Says, and San Diego’s own Sunday Times. Our friends Indigenous also celebrated their birthday, so it was quite the shindig. There aren’t any officially associated birthdays this time around but, if the lineup is any indication, attendees will still find plenty of cause to celebrate.

Opening the show will be Lesands, America’s Finest Cityâ„¢’s favorite electro-synth rockers. They’re relatively new to the local scene, but they’ve already received positive feedback from KCRW and elsewhere.

Next will be Brooklyn-based Dinosaur Feathers, a band that has exploded in popularity and won’t be playing places like Bar Pink for long. Future Sounds call them “Beach Boys meet Animal Collective,” a band that boasts “amazing vocal harmonies coupled with tropical beats.” Since Animal Collective are already half Beach Boys, that should make Dinosaur Feathers at least two-thirds Beach Boys, and that’s never a bad thing. Paste magazine has praised their use of harmonies “like instruments, stacking and weaving them into a textured sonic tapestry that drips with 60s nostalgia.”

After all that beachy, boyish goodness, Rumspringa will take the stage. They’re headlining the Rumble through August, and will carry it through to Las Vegas. Their upcoming full-length, set to be released on Cantora (not to be confused with Cantore) Records, and live shows have put audiences in “sacrificial trance-like states.” Cool. Click here for downloads and additional info…

July Rumble: Birthdays, Beers, and Bands

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It seems like only yesterday that San Diegans gathered at Bar Pink for the June installment of the Rumble to watch Maren Parusel, Chasing Kings, and Drug Wars. The truth is, it’s been a month, which means it’s time once again to lace up your stampeding shoes and direct yourself toward the North Park watering hole.

Saturday’s lineup starts strong and get better from there. Tempe-based three-piece What Laura Says will set a high bar with their bluesy, poppy Americana. Next up will be San Diego’s Sunday Times. Not much is known about this enigmatic group, but the few videos on their MySpace page show promise. Texas trio Harlem will headline, fresh off the release of their Pitchfork-acclaimed sophomore album, Hippies. Described by the bipolar music mag as “bubblegum…flavored with booze and cigarettes,” Harlem will undoubtedly put on a Rumble-worthy set. Finally, FM 94/9 music director/DJ Michael Halloran will keep your toes tapping between sets.

July 10 also commemorates the birthday of Rumble sponsors Indigenous, so it’s an extra-special event. Instead of three-dollar Trumers and free Trumer tastings, this time there shall be free Trumers for all (while supplies last)!

The San Diego Rumble collective includes Future Sounds, Indigenous, San Diego:Dialed In, M-Theory, Bar Pink, artists-rights organization BMI, Trumer Pills, and — oh yeah — Owl and Bear. To make your intentions known, RSVP on this month’s Facebook event page. See you there!

MP3: Harlem – Friendly Ghost
MP3: What Laura Says – I’d Dance With You

Photos from last month’s Rumble:

Time to Move & Shake at the Rumble

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Come Saturday, you’ll feel that familiar shake ‘neath your feet and think it’s happening again. But this time, it won’t be another e-quake (as far as I know); it’ll be the sound of people stampeding to Bar Pink for The Rumble.

If admission weren’t 100% free, I’d call The Rumble the “always sold-out” indie rock showcase that rolls into America’s Finest City every month. Since there’s no cover charge, I’ll just say it’s the indie rock event that has it all: free bands, the jockeying of discs, cheap booze, me…

This month’s featured artists include San Diego’s Maren Parusel and Drug Wars and L.A.’s Chasing Kings. Throw in local celebutante Seth Combs (spinning under the stage name DJ Meth Combz), and you’ve got yourself one hell of a happening. Get there reasonably early, steal a space at the bar, order some astoundingly inexpensive drinks, and have a blast. That’s what we do, anyway. Continue reading…