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Live Review and Photos: Amanda Palmer at Birch North Park Theater, October 28, 2011

Photos by Natalie Kardos

For many people, the “goth” label conjures up images of dour, maudlin musicians in fishnets singing humorless, wanky tales of woe. And though there were plenty of pairs of fishnets on display at the Birch North Park Theater on Friday night, there was also plenty of fun to be had. Continue reading…

Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer Share the Love

Photo Credit: Pixie Vision Productions

The recent marriage of Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer was a match made in hell. Each of them have made their careers dealing in darkness: Gaiman as the award-winning author of novels and comics like American Gods and the iconic series The Sandman, and Palmer as half of the maniacal cabaret-pop duo The Dresden Dolls and, more recently, as a ukulele-strumming solo artist. That the grim pair ended up together made for the most Hot Topic-approved wedding since Tim Burton married Helena Bonham Carter. Continue reading…