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Poetic Memory: Jesse LaMonaca (List)

Photo credit: Rebecca Joelson

Two weeks ago, we premiered the first video from The Lament of Tumbleweed Hawk, the upcoming album by San Diego troubadour Jesse LaMonaca. This week, we’re going to spotlight the man behind the music. Continue reading…

Poetic Memory: The Howls (List)

MP3: The Howls – “Revival”
MP3: The Howls – “Rocky Ground”

San Diego’s The Howls have only been around for a few years, but their reputation already precedes them. Continue reading…

Video: Tom Waits – “Satisfied”

After an eight-year drought interrupted only by the release of the Orphans compilation — though the 54-track box set was certainly nothing to sneeze at — a new Tom Waits studio album is finally upon us, and one of the many perks that comes with such an event is the release of new music videos.

The first such video from Bad As Me has just been revealed, and it’s for the romping, stomping, Rolling Stones-saluting “Satisfied.” The black-and-white footage of Waits dancing and flailing around in a yard recalls the Jim Jarmusch-directed video for “It’s Alright With Me,” and proves that, even at the tender age of sixty-one, the guy’s still got moves. (Now if only he and Thom Yorke would agree to a Tom-Thom dance-off.)

The video for “Satisfied” was directed by Jesse Dylan, the eldest son of some guy named Bob.

Book Review: “Life” by Keith Richards

Upon hearing that Keith Richards was writing a biography, my first thought was, “Wow, how can he even remember what happened, given his proclivity for illicit drug use and all-around hell raising?” Now, having finished the book, I am even more amazed at the vividness of his recollections. Everything is there that you would expect, including the requisite sex, drugs and rock and roll. But it’s the unexpected things in Life that enrich the reader’s experience and provide a genuine sense of historical context about how the The Rolling Stones thrived in the midst of such a socially volatile time.

Every man dreams of being in Keith Richards’ shoes at one point or another. After all, this man is the archetypal rock star: living a life of excess, denying himself no pleasure, and keeping the world perpetually at his fingertips. In recent years, Richards has become a pop culture caricature — a Hollywood pirate, an old dude who should have croaked years ago, the crazy guy who snorted his father’s ashes. There’s a degree of truth to all of those characterizations, but if Life is any indication, the man is much more than that. Continue reading…