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Review: The Dead Weather; July 19, 2010; House of Blues, San Diego

Photo credit: Nic Adler

The Dead Weather may be known as Jack White’s band, but make no mistake — the real draw is
lead singer Alison Mosshart.

Much like White’s other side project, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather can feel like just a fun way for White to get his classic-rock geek on. Similarly, Dean Fertita and Jack Lawrence’s guitar and bass work seems to exist only to plop out schlocky, metal-inspired riffs. But it is Mosshart who injects the band with some much-needed soul and, at the House of Blues show on Monday night, she brought enough for everybody. Continue reading…

The Dead Weather – “Die by the Drop” (Video)

During their day jobs as front-people for fuzzed out, sexually tense blues duos — The White Stripes and The Kills, respectively — Jack White and Alison Mosshart put out some of the most mysterious, raw, and earth-shaking music in rock and roll. Their involvement instantly endows any project with an air of mystery and the promise of excellence.

And that’s what makes The Dead Weather such a bore. Continue reading…

Blood Red Shoes Get Fired Up (Video)

Rock and roll has seen its share of great duos in recent years—The White Stripes and The Kills being among the best—but no other band attacks the senses with as much raw power as Steven Ansell and Laura-Mary Carter, better known as Blood Red Shoes. The Brighton, England group’s 2008 debut, Box of Secrets, was a cherry bomb of a record that dripped with raw, dangerous sexuality. The fast and furious album’s bloody hooks and visceral appeal landed it a spot on Owl&Bear’s world-renowned Best of 2008 list, and we’ve been waiting anxiously for its follow-up.

But now the wait is over. Out on March 10 through V2 Records, Fire Like This contains ten highly combustible tracks from the band. Those eager for a sampling of the album can go to the band’s official website, where they’re streaming a new track every week until its release. “Light It Up”, “Colours Fade”, and live favorite “Keeping It Close” had previously been posted to the site, and the band just today added the red-hot “Heartsink”, which the group describes as “a pop song that we tried to destroy from the inside out”. Those inclined to join the band’s newsletter will be rewarded with a free download of “Colours Fade”. Continue reading

The Dead Weather – “I Cut Like A Buffalo” (Video)

Chief amongst the complaints about Jack White’s latest side project, The Dead Weather, is that there isn’t enough Jack White. While Alison Mosshart, Dean Fertita, and that long-haired guy from The Raconteurs are all talented in their own right, White’s work tends to suffer when he lets other people drive the bus.

White has apparently taken those negative reviews to heart for the video to “I Cut Like A Buffalo”, the latest single from The Dead Weather’s Horehound album, and asked the rest of the band to stay home.

Directed by White and filmed at his own Third Man Studios in Nashville, the video finds the singer instead presiding over an army of redheaded, knife-wielding, belly-dancing assassins. The video is visually arresting, and I’m sure White had plenty of fun making it, but how about a new White Stripes album already? Just saying.

The Dead Weather – Treat Me Like Your Mother (Video)

The Dead Weather – Treat Me Like Your Mother

Following its premiere on Cinemax this weekend, The Dead Weather have made their new short film/music video, the Jonathan Glazer-directed Treat Me Like Your Mother, available for us internet folk. Watch Jack White and Alison Mosshart go at it like a pair of jilted Terminators, then pick up Horehound, The Dead Weather’s red-hot debut album, when it comes out tomorrow.