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The Dead Weather Get It On with Your Mother on Cinemax

Treat Me Like Your Mother
That’s right: The Dead Weather are set to get it on with your mother on everybody’s favorite childhood soft-focus porn channel. But before you pour lye in your eyes, let me clarify: the band will be debuting their new short film Treat Me Like Your Mother on Cinemax on July 11th. Wordplay!

Directed by Jonathan Glazer, whose credits include Sexy Beast, Birth, and the amazing videos for Radiohead’s “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” and UNKLE’s “Rabbit in Your Headlights”, the film stars band mates Jack White and Alison Mosshart in what promises to be a dirty, dirty experience.

Says White, “It was overwhelmingly electric working with Jonathan Glazer on this project, which feels more short film than video. I’ve never felt an intensity like I did on the set of this shoot. Absolutely violent, explosive, and poetic.”

The video premieres promptly at 9:55pm, just days before the release of The Dead Weather’s highly anticipated debut album Horehound. You can watch a trailer for the short film here, and we’ve got the afore-mentioned Glazer-directed music videos after the jump. Continue reading

Dead Weather Predicted for July 14

The Dead Weather
Your friendly neighborhood weathermen at Owl&Bear are predicting some strangeness in the air this summer. According to our satellites and advanced meteorological technology, July 14th will be partly cloudy with a slight chance of rain and a very high chance of deadness. The cause of the humidity and morbidity appears to be the impending release of Horehound, the debut album from supergroup The Dead Weather.

The band, which features The White Stripes’ Jack White, The Kills’ Alison Mosshart, Queens of the Stone Age’s Dean Fertita, and that long-haired guy from The Raconteurs, already released a seven-inch single—the blistering “Hang You From The Heavens”—for last month’s Record Store Day.

The band will be supporting the new album with a North American tour that includes a stop at San Diego’s Street Scene festival in August. Pre-sale tickets for many of the tour dates will be available starting Wednesday, and can be purchased by following the links here. Fans purchasing pre-sale tickets will also have the opportunity to pre-order Horehound at a discounted price.

We’ve got the full list of tour dates and your first look at the cover of Horehound after the jump. Be sure to wear your poncho. Continue reading

Review: The Kills; May 19, 2008 at The Casbah; San Diego

The Kills - May 19, 2008

A fever descended upon the sold-out Casbah as the Kills took the stage, seducing the crowd with their unique blend of blues, punk, and sex. The band drew mainly from their new album Midnight Boom, tearing into renditions of “U.R.A. Fever,” “Tape Song,” and “Sour Cherry,” but still touched upon old favorites like “Fried My Little Brains,” “Wait,” and “Love Is A Deserter.”

Backed only by a drum machine, Alison “VV” Mosshart and Jamie “Hotel” Hince shared vocal duties, with Hotel playing the lion’s share of guitar. The songs dripped with danger and excitement, such as on “No Wow,” where the pair used their palpable on-stage chemistry to carry the song from its ominous, simmering beginning to an explosive conclusion that was equal parts sexual tension and musical release.

Continue reading