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Live Photos: The Kills at House of Blues, September 11, 2011

Photos by Chris Maroulakos

No one puts on a show quite like The Kills. Following sets from the reliably awesome Mini Mansions and a sorely out-of-place Eleanor Friedberger, The Kills took to the stage at House of Blues on Sunday in a hailstorm of raw energy and unbridled sexuality.

The duo provided crackling renditions of songs from all of their albums, tearing through classics like “Fried My Little Brains,” “No Wow,” and “Sour Cherry.” And though the prospect of a band as carnal as The Kills performing for an all-ages crowd might seem only a step or two away from showing the kids porn, that didn’t stop Alison Mosshart from slithering, writhing, and moaning her way through the high-intensity set with seductive confidence.

You can check out photos of the steamy show below. Continue reading…

Video: The Kills – “Satellite” (Live on Radio 1)

Anyone who has seen The Kills before knows they put on a great show. But if you haven’t seen them, you might not know that. Luckily for you, though, the blues-rocking duo is coming to House of Blues on September 11 to impart some knowledge, and we’re giving away tickets. Continue reading…

Video: The Kills – “Future Starts Slow”

The Kills have just unveiled the video for “Future Starts Slow,” the latest single off their recently released fourth album, Blood Pressures. The Philip Andelman-directed clip combines high-energy live footage of the sex-rocking duo with sedated shots of the pair passing the time between shows.

Of course, a video of Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince performing live can hardly compare to the real thing. The band played San Diego in April, but for those of you who missed the sold-out show, redemption is just around the corner. The Kills will return to America’s Finest City™ on September 11 for a show at House of Blues. Tickets are on sale now.

Owl and Bear’s Most Anticipated Albums of 2011

As a music fan, I’m waiting for the release that defines the new decade. You know what I’m talking about; every 10 years or so, a band comes out of nowhere with the perfect storm of style, lyrics, and — oh yeah — music.

The 80s had Guns ‘N Roses, the 90s Nirvana, and the 2000s gave us The Strokes. Granted, none of those bands dominated for a full 10 years, but they spawned countless imitators, some enjoyable and some terrible. That feeling of uncharted territory and danger rolled up into one is what I miss and am still waiting for. Remember when you first heard “Welcome to the Jungle,” “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” or “Last Night”? I’m guessing you were instantly on board, just like I was. Continue reading…