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Live Review: FYF Fest, August 24-25, 2013, Los Angeles

Les Savy Fav

Our review of FYF Fest, or, how Karen O is like an exotic punk-rock toucan

Poetic Memory: The Tablets (List)

The Tablets

Former San Diegan Liz Godoy makes good with her new band

Poetic Memory: Man Forever (List)

The experimental drum outfit is coming to San Diego

Real Estate – Real Estate (Review)

Bon Jovi’s got nothing on Real Estate.

The Moviegoers Want You to Be a Man (MP3s)

The Moviegoers

Soulful San Diego cinephiles The Moviegoers have released a new digital EP, entitled Be a Man, and they’d like you to have it. The three-song release takes some of the sweetest elements of the 90s—Pavement, The Breeders, Elliott Smith, Yo La Tengo—and fuses them into a deliciously caramelized rock and roll concoction. Clocking in at an […]