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Elvis Perkins – Chains, Chains, Chains (Video)

Elvis Perkins in Dearland have released the new video for “Chains, Chains, Chains”, off their moving self-titled album.

According to Spinner: “The video…seems to be swimming (literally) in symbolism and insinuation. There are rising tides, silhouettes, aquatic birds and then, of course, embryonic sea people entangled in a womb-like waterworld. Or something of the sort. It all adds up to an eye-catching video that is mystical and imaginative and perfectly suited for Perkins’ poetic hymn.”

If you haven’t seen the group live yet, we highly recommend it. Dates for their current tour after the jump. Continue reading

How to Hug Your Independent Record Store

Record Store
“Indie record stores,” says Chrys Hansen of Modern Music, the Caribbean’s most visited record store, “are where you go when you first realize there’s a whole new world of music for you to explore.” The Internet notwithstanding as perhaps one’s first stop when searching out what the world has to offer musically, Hansen’s words ring sentimental and otherwise true.

Independent record stores, unlike the CD sections of Wal-Mart and Best Buy, often feature carefully procured selections of good popular music and local and alternative groups that are either too vulgar or not Hoobastank-y enough for other outlets. The quality of independent record stores is only enhanced by the personal touch offered by the staff.

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Review: Elvis Perkins in Dearland; March 15, 2009 at M-Theory Records; San Diego

There are worse fates than being compared to Jeff Mangum. As the frontman for Neutral Milk Hotel, Mangum spearheaded one of the most influential and revered bands in indie rock history, finally creating an album—1998’s In An Aeroplane Over The Sea—that was so perfectly realized even Mangum himself never dared attempt a follow up. So, nearly a decade later, after everyone had given up hope, a guy named Elvis Perkins quietly stepped up to the plate and did the job for him.

Perkins’ 2007 debut, Ash Wednesday, established him as a brilliant artist with a penchant for crafting songs of poignant sadness and profound beauty. The son of Anthony Perkins (Psycho‘s Norman Bates) and Berry Berenson, Perkins channeled his much-publicized real life tragedies into a soul-baring masterpiece of catharsis. For his newly-released sophomore album, he added a backing band and adopted the moniker Elvis Perkins In Dearland.

And somehow, local record shop M-Theory Music was able to lure the band into their store for an exclusive, free performance on a beautifully sunny San Diego afternoon.

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Elvis Perkins – “Shampoo” (Video)

Just in case you’re not yet excited about Elvis Perkins In Dearland’s fast approaching show at M-Theory Music, here’s something to help whet your appetite. It’s Perkins and his band performing “Shampoo”, the opening track off their new album, and they sound terrific. How they’re going to fit the entire band inside the tiny Mission Hills record store remains to be seen, but it should be a blast. Don’t miss it.

Elvis Perkins to Play In-Store Show at M-Theory

The great Elvis Perkins will be bringing his heartbreaking songs of staggering genius to San Diego on March 15th for an in-store set at M-Theory Music.

Surely you’re wondering why someone who created an album as unrelentingly amazing as 2007’s Ash Wednesday—probably the closest thing the world will ever get to a follow-up to In An Aeroplane Over The Sea—would be playing at the admittedly cool but nevertheless tiny Mission Hills record store.

We’re not exactly sure either, but the answer almost certainly has something to do with Elvis Perkins In Dearland, the singer-songwriter’s forthcoming sophomore album, set for release on March 10th. Those who pre-order it will be treated to an instant 128k stream of the entire album.

The brilliance is set to commence at 4pm, so shake off that hangover, grab a burrito at Santana’s, and head on over. The show is one of Perkins’ first stops on an expansive tour that will take him all over America and Europe before culminating at Bonnaroo. Dates and a stream of “Shampoo” from Elvis Perkins In Dearland after the jump.

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