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Poetic Memory: White Denim (List)

Austin quartet White Denim released D, their fifth studio album in May; now, they’ve announced plans to release an EP, Takes Place in Your Workspace on October 25.

The experimental indie band has been compared to the Minutemen and Randy Newman (yes, both), and is known for infusing anything from punk to funk to piano ballads into their songs. White Denim has wowed crowds across the ‘States and abroad, even catching the ear of Jack White, who invited them to record a live LP at Third Man Records in Nashville.

To prep yourself for the show, check the above video for their 60’s rock-inspired single “Drug,” from D. After that, scroll down to read singer/guitarist James Petralli’s Poetic Memory. White Denim will play House of Blues on October 26. Continue reading…

Album Review: Little Hurricane – “Homewrecker”

Little Hurricane blew in and out of San Diego like the force of nature they’re named after. Over the coarse of a single year, the two-piece burst onto the scene, quickly became one of the city’s most promising acts, won Best New Artist at the San Diego Music Awards, then moved away to roam the country like nomads.

That whirlwind romance has made Little Hurricane feel like the band that got away, but now the just-released Homewrecker has arrived like a love letter out of the blue. The ominous “Trouble Ahead” kicks off the album with a Kim Thayil-inspired riff chugging beneath Anthony Catalano’s seething vocals, but it isn’t long before the Soundgarden influence defers to a more prominent muse.

The similarities between Little Hurricane and The White Stripes are easy to spot and hard to ignore. Both are male/female blues-rock duos, and Catalano’s voice has that same choked power that gives Jack White’s delivery its visceral heft. But throughout Homewrecker, yet another point of comparison becomes apparent in Celeste Spina’s backups, which are sung with a ghostly airiness — first on the call and response of “Crocodile Tears” and then on the slow-burning “Shortbread” — that bears a striking resemblance to Meg White. In Little Hurricane’s live sets, Spina’s voice is barely audible above the crack of her drums, but on record the Meg-iness is unmistakeable. Continue reading…

Review: Scout Niblett with Manuok; February 28th, 2010; Bar Pink, San Diego

Scout Niblett

With a name like a doggy treat and wearing an awesome pair of clogs, Scout Niblett took the stage at Bar Pink on Sunday in front of a few dozen people. To me it was satisfying to see that the singer, mousy and demure, actually does look and act like a “Scout Niblett,” if anyone ever could. Continue reading