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Poetic Memory: Balmorhea (List)

Back in January, we described the sound of Balmorhea (pronounced Bal-mor-ay) as “patient and sprawling, meditative and mysterious…it speaks to the world we live in (and beyond).”

Since then, we’ve heard their entire critically acclaimed new album, Constellations, so we’re extra pleased to announce that they’ll be stopping in San Diego on May 6.

And we’re extra extra pleased to have received a list of Balmorhea’s Top 5 Country/Western Records. I’d like to personally congratulate them for putting Townes Van Zandt in the number 1 spot. Balmorhea’s Poetic Memory is below.

Poetic Memory: Oh Mercy (List)

Is Australia the new Canada? When its comes to up-and-coming young indie bands who pride themselves on intelligent lyrics and a multi-layered sound, it sure seems that way. First, I was stopped in my tracks by The Middle East, and now the next Aussie wave is Melbourne’s Oh Mercy.

They’ve gained a lot of attention lately with their album, Privileged Woes. It’s a quirky pop album with expressive vocals that draws inspiration from bands like The Velvet Underground and Dionne Warwick. That’s a large spectrum to cover, but singer Alex Gow explains it all below. Oh Mercy’s Poetic Memory is below. Continue reading…

Interview: Kurt Vile

Kurt Vile - December 29, 2009 at the Howlers Coyote Café

Psych/folk singer-guitarist Kurt Vile (yes, that’s his real name) has been enjoying some serious buzz since the October release of Childish Prodigy on Matador Records. We recently had the chance to sit down over a cold beer with Mr. Vile before a packed show in Pittsburgh, the first on a two-month U.S. tour. Here is how the conversation went. Continue reading